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Your donations keep this community running :)

So you want to donate to Vortex but unlike a REAL donation you want something for it? Alright fine you guys win we will now do donation status. Here is how it works.

Donations of 15 dollars (or higher) will get you respected on the garrysmod servers for life. Respected will come with some limitations and an understanding that abusing the tools you get with respected will ultimately lead to you losing respected with NO REFUND.

What will I get for donating?
1. Respected Status
2. Peace of mind
3. no collide
4. stacker
5. ADV and regular duplicator (some limitations)
6. Paint, colour and material (some limitations)
More to come in the future and maybe some kind of special icon or color in gmod.

Limitations WTF?
The limitations are MAINLY having to do with HOW you use your new respected tools. For example, if your spamming paint all over the server you will most likely be asked to stop. If you keep doing it your respected will be removed WITH OUT REFUND. For the first time we are going to allow duplicator into the server for respected, if you dup in ANYTHING that makes ANY PROBLEMS with the server (server crashers, server laggers, physic changers, prop killers, field generators, shields or anything that HARMS the server, lags the server or goes against the rules in anyway) your respected will be taken away. If you dup in something to crash the server or lag it not only will your respected be taken away you will be banned from the server. We want to allow respected players to use duplicator to dup bases and other such things they have ALREADY made in our server. You ARE allowed to dup in things you have made else where as long as it does not effect anything mentioned above.

User End Agreement:
By donating to Vortex thru paypal you agree to the following:

Your donation IS a donation to the Vortex servers and we are NOT required to give you ANYTHING for it. If you do receive anything extra AFTER donating but then get those things taken away due to abuse of them you will NOT be refunded any amount of money. You are NOT buying respected on the server you are donating to the servers in which we GIVE you respect as a way of saying thank you.

00.00 for the monthly goal of 200.00 has been met.

Donaters for the month of October:
no donations yet for the month of October